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US cyber-security coordination

Cryptome links to a US GAO report on Cybersecurity, listing 'key challenges' in research and development.

The challenges it finds are not so much technical as organisational. Many US government agencies are involved, but with no overall coordination or direction. There is no central process for tracking government R&D expenditure, and no process to foster public sector private sector relationships. As a result, "the nation is at risk of having unforeseen gaps".

Interesting to note that, ccording to Ubiwar, Baroness Neville-Jones has just told a conference in the UK that: "...in the next stage of our work in the cyber domain we shall accordingly be inviting the active participation of business in the development of a strategy based on partnership. By this I mean the private sector having a real say in the development of policy."

Ubiwar sees this as a sinister 'industrial influence'. It would be much more sinister if the government just did its own thing behind closed doors....


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