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Ship simulations

My day job involves creating emergency response simulations, so I was intrigued, coming back to London yesterday after (notionally) setting fire to an oil tanker ship, to see a new ship simulation game is about to appear on the market.

Ship Simulation 2006 seems to be based on technology developed for serious marine training by VStep in the Netherlands, and now acquired by Lighthouse Interactive, also in the Netherlands.

It seems to do for large ships what flight simulators have done for aircraft. You can choose your ship type, and geogaphical area, and various 'missions'. Only a limited range so far - eg the harbours are limited to Rotterdam and Hamburg. But these are pretty interesting navigational problems, and I'm sure it will develop more over time.

There's an interview about Lighthouse here.


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I saw but didn't read details of this. Being an ex-Navy navigation officer, I was obviously interested. But mention of Hamburg has me thinking of my uncle who has spent decades tracking merchant vessels going in and out of Hamburg (his hobby). I've long thought all his notes and photos would be an excellent resource for many people ... only he's computerphobic and that information doesn't appear destined for the net where it could be easily accessed.

Perhaps something like this game might intrigue him enough to give technology a try.

Posted by: on Apr 29, 06 | 1:28 pm

btw, before it gets deleted, you might find this interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirkyan . I didn't submit the entry, but I did have to rewrite it.

Note the example. I tend to think in terms of maritime projects.

Posted by: on Apr 30, 06 | 11:21 pm

the analogy csven refers to is a very interesting one and the whole article worth reading. (And his oil spill response concept not at all unrealistic).
I asked Wikipedia to consider retaining it (and have saved it in case they don't.) Odd how life is starting to imitate object oriented programming....

Posted by: Simulation- the Weblog on May 01, 06 | 12:03 pm

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

btw, when I have time to work up that idea into something visual (CAD renderings and presentation boards), I'd very much appreciate your critique. In the meantime, any resources you could share that would further educate me to the oil spill containment problem would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: on May 02, 06 | 3:24 pm
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